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About us

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Tell the world about your beer related business. Make business to business contacts and promote your products online.

Bronze, Silver & Gold Registrations are available.

Registration features and costs



Company name and address, ten product names.
(these products can be any beers, services, goods etc.)


SILVER :  25 pa.

As Bronze with the addition of a paragraph of text describing the company together with individual descriptions for each of the ten products.


GOLD :  50 pa.

As Silver plus three pictures of the company with additional text descriptions, five product pictures, together with email & website forwarding.

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT and subject to change.


Registration is easy     :     Register Online Now

Simply supply us with the text and pictures describing your business and products and we will convert them for use on the web.  We can use existing artwork and promotional material.

Choose which level of registration you want, then visit the online registration forms page or ask us for an Email or Written information and layout pack for you to complete. 

If you prefer not to use the online forms we are happy to take information by telephone or post.

Which registration to choose?

  • GOLD is a good balance between cost and features. Your directory entries are highlighted and you get multiple pictures which attract attention. There is plenty of text space to describe your business and products. If you already have a website then GOLD is ideal since it features email and website forwarding. New for 2005 - every Gold registration gets a FREE banner advert for the year worth £120.
  • If you're on a budget then SILVER registration gives you a text only description of your business and ten of your products.
  • Finally if you want the cheapest option take up a BRONZE registration - it's FREE. This gets your business in the database and allows you to introduce your products to potential customers.  You're represented on the web for free!


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