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Feature Brewery : Isle Of Arran

The Arran micro-brewery opened in March 2000 and is located on the shores of Brodick Bay on the Isle of Arran near Cladach.  The purpose built brewery and visitor centre is the source of three cask beers. Each of these premium ales is made from the finest ingredients and the island's unique water to produce a natural and pure product, free of artificial additives and preservatives.


Arran Dark


A dark ale of weight and substance, ABV 4.3%.

Arran Blonde


A pale golden beer with an ABV of 5.0%. Clear tasting in a continental style.

Arran Light


A pale coloured ale, ABV 3.8%, making a refreshing session bitter.


Find out more about the Isle of Arran Brewery by visiting their website at www.ArranBrewery.com


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