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About GreatBritishBeer.co.uk

The Great British Beer website is intended as an international promotion for UK Beer, the brewers who make it and the many beer service companies who are involved in beer production, distribution and sale.  We also promote home-brew shops who can help anyone make real-ale at home. GreatBritishBeer.co.uk is a commercial site which aims to allow every UK company with an interest in Beer to be cost effectively represented on the web.

Independent Brewers

The site aims to publicize the smaller independent UK breweries who are at the forefront of the real-ale revival in Britain.

These smaller brewers should have a shop window to the world to show off their products.  Hopefully the Beer Data section of this site helps to achieve this aim.


GreatBritishBeer and it's sister site GreatBritishInns.co.uk can supply advertising banner space.  This advertising can be site wide or focused in a particular section, sponsorship of the Beer Feature is available

If you would like further information on any of these areas please contact us : Email

Company Promotion

Bronze listings in the beer data section of this site are free.

However if you would like to include additional information on your brewery, beer service company or home brew shop then this can be arranged for a small annual charge.

Full colour pictures

Information can include detailed descriptions of your brewery with colour pictures, details of your beers with pump-clip images, email & website pointers. We can also provide single or multiple web-pages dedicated to promoting your brewery.

If you have special requirements or are keen to discuss possibilities of the internet please feel free to contact us by Email, telephone or mail. telephone and address details


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