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AboutUs, Great British Brewers, Beer, real ale

Welcome to GreatBritishBeer.co.uk
The web directory of British Beer and Brewing

The website where you can find comprehensive information on all things relating to the most traditional of British drinks - Beer. 

We have three searchable databases containing
  • Brewery and beer information 
  • Companies providing beer related services and allied trades
  • Home brew shops and suppliers




Follow the Beer links above

To browse through Beer and brewery information in the Beer Database.

Find a local brewer or home brew shop in your area, arrange a brewery visit or attend a Beer festival it's all inside ...

Real Ale

This website features traditional cask conditioned beer or 'Real-Ale' and the UK brewery who make it.

We have over 550 Brewers, 2000 Beers, home brew shops and suppliers listed.


Lots of Brewery and Beer data

Our Brewery, Beer Services and Home Brew databases are continually updated, please register your company if it isn't listed.

You can also find the Best Real Ale Pubs and a Beer Festival near you at Perfect Pint.co.uk.


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Beer Festival News :
Don't miss the next Great British Beer Festival in London



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